The Project:

While established photo sharing sites already exist, Yogile is different because it lets multiple people contribute with ease. Once you create an album, you get a customizable URL and e-mail address to share with anyone who wants to add photos, either as e-mail attachments or uploads through the site. There’s no need for these users to register, keeping the process simple and hassle-free!

Take a wedding, for example. Dozens of attendees take their own photos, all from different cameras and angles. While you might try asking everyone for their shots afterward, Yogile offers a smart alternative.

The Team:

Yogile is the brainchild of a small independent software development company called Monon B.V. Work on Yogile is being done by just a few people, keeping everything flexible! This project is completely built from cloud computing components, making our job easier to store your photos reliably and securely.

Questions? Use the feedback page to contact us.