Taking selfies is a great way to document your life and be in the moment. It’s also an awesome way to get likes on your favorite social media channel, but not if you’re doing it wrong! How often do you come across selfies on social media that are just not good enough? If you’re like me, it’s probably more than you would care to admit. That’s why I’m here with 7 tips for taking the perfect selfie!

1. Make sure you have the right lighting - if it’s too dark or too bright, no photo editing app can help! Harsh light and shadows are a disaster for portraits. You want to avoid anything that’ll make your photo look washed out- so bring along an extra lamp (or phone flashlight) in case the surroundings are not lit enough already. Check where your windows face before taking any outdoor shots: direct sunlight will cast harsh, unflattering shadows on faces close up… but be aware of glare from glass surfaces as well.

2. You’re not going to be looking your best when that perfect Instagram picture is taken if you forget those finishing touches. Make sure your hair looks good, and makeup was applied just right for the look of a lifetime! If you are going outside for a shot, take some make up products with you, so that you can fix some imperfections on the go!

3. A cool outfit is key to looking good in photos. It’s more important than you think and can make the whole composition stand out!

4. Smile! A true smile will show through your eyes and make you look more attractive. Smile with your teeth showing and don’t forget to show off those pearly whites! It’s going to be a great selfie for the ‘gram!’

5. Everyone’s selfies look better when they are taken from different angles. Try taking some pictures of yourself while you’re sitting, lying down or even standing on top of a chair so that the light hits your face differently and makes it more flattering.

6. When taking your selfie, find a backdrop that makes you stand out and define yourself. Whether it be something natural like flowers in bloom or something more artificial like an urban scene, always make sure to have the perfect background for any occasion!

7. Zoom, pan and crop your way to taking the perfect picture! With Yogile’s instant filters you can go from basic summer look in a snap. Simply pick one of tens of different available filter effects that fit your mood or style then add some finishing touches with lightening, shadowing and color tweaking tools—and voila! You’re ready for Instagram domination.

And now you’re ready to go and conquer your Instagram feed! After reading our tips, hopefully you’ll be able to take action quickly with the knowledge of what is needed for that perfect selfie!

Get started and share your best memories!