Most people would agree that festivals and summer parties are the best time to take pictures. The light is just right, there are so many interesting things happening in one place and everyone’s in a good mood! But how do you actually go about taking those amazing shots? In this article we’ll share with you some tips for taking awesome festival and summer party photos!

Ready, set, go! You’ve got to get the perfect shots for the event before it even starts. But are you using the right settings on your camera? For some photographers, this is a question that hasn’t really come up in their work - they’re just shooting with what defaults they have when they first turn on their camera. However, there are many different ways to change these default settings and experiment with what might be best for capturing an event in all its glory.

So make sure that you experiment with your camera settings before the event starts. What works well will depend on what type of photo you’re going for but it’s worth trying out some different options before you start snapping away at an event.

Event photographers are faced with many different angles to choose from when capturing the event’s special moments. Whether you’re shooting a wedding, a festival, or any other summer event, knowing which angle will best capture the stage of the moment can be difficult.

So come to the location before everyone shows up and find your angle. Check if there are any elevated points around (think: tree branches or rooftops), use them to get high up shots. And pick your spots to shoot wide angle, as well as some cool portraits. For example, on a background with some cool graffiti or wall of flowers.

The best thing about festivals and summer parties is that they are all about having fun, making memories with friends and enjoying the beautiful weather. So be patient and wait for the participants to take their time to relax and catch that summer vibe.

You don’t want to wait til the very end and shoot super drunk people, as they might not really appreciate it. But give it an hour or two until everyone gets enough of Vitamin Sun, start dancing and laughing and then take your best shots. After some time, people will ask you to take the photos of them and it will mean that they are ready!

Speaking of time, make sure that you feel well that day too. So wear comfortable clothes adjusted to the weather and make sure that you have some water and snacks to keep you energized. And although tempting, it is best to have a drink after you’re done shooting.

Otherwise, some photos might turn out blurry on the next day. Or the shots that you thought were amazing at the time, were not so awesome after all when looking at them with a sober eye. It will also be more difficult to keep an eye on the settings and of course, making sure that you don’t lose your camera!

The summer is coming to an end and all of the music festivals are upon us. So make the most of them and take those amazing, energetic shots! We hope that those few tips will come in handy! And don’t forget to store and share your photos using Yogile!

Get started and share your best memories!