Ever had trouble getting a good picture of your pet? You’re not alone! It can be hard to take a photo that does justice to the adorable creature you’re trying to capture. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips on how to get great pictures of animals.

First of all, find an interesting background - a plain background is never going to make your animal look like it belongs in the shot, so find something for them to play against or next too. If you don’t have anything appropriate, try putting down sheets and blankets and letting your pet go crazy with their photoshoot! You can also take your fluffy friend outside, if it is a sunny day and you have your favourite spot in the park, or garden, that is going to look great in the photo. With all the color of nature, the eyes of your beloved cat or dog will pop in the shot, so that everyone else will be able to see how amazing and loving they are!

If you want to organize a studio-like shoot, have a variety of backgrounds on hand. Sometimes it is worth trying what is going to work best and while you thought it is the dark background that will look best with your white cat, it might be that the photo turns out not how you wanted it. So try different things and shades and make your choice later. Backgrounds are important but they aren’t everything. You’ll want some props as well, like a little ball to play, or maybe a cute basket to put them into.

What works best to get your pet excited and give them that cheerful look, is to have some snacks with you on the shoot. You will see how your cat’s face will change and eyes open when they hear a can of tuna opening, or a dog will smell his favourite snack.

Of course, you might not be able to get your dog or cat to sit still long enough for a photo, but with some patience and creativity, you can come up with some amazing shots. That’s why it is important to take plenty of photos! Try getting close-up shots (getting on their level). And consider different angles, like shooting from above or below the animal.

Ever had a terrible experience with your pet when you tried to take their photo? Maybe they got distracted and walked away from the camera or maybe they just refused to cooperate. That’s why it is important to keep them entertained so they don’t wander off while you’re trying to snap a picture. Next to mentioned snacks, you can play fetch with their favorite toy, or have someone else hold onto their leash so they can’t escape. With these methods plus some patience and creativity, you should be able to get that perfect shot for your Facebook feed.

Lastly, be patient and wait for an animal’s natural behavior before snapping a picture - they’re more likely to look at you if they’re not running around frantically. Keep in mind that it’s best to take pictures in burst mode when your pet is in movement, otherwise the shots will be blurry.

We’re sure that your furry friend is just too adorable to not document! Whether it’s your dog, cat, pet bird or hamster, it is worth it to try to snap that perfect picture and get back to it when your animal is older, to memorize your best moments. Before you pick your favourite photo, upload all of them to Yogile. Luckily, with Yogile, there are no storage limits and you can keep your photos in their original resolution. Just in case you’d like to print a cool poster with your fluffy friend.

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